About Lyn


Lyn’s work is primarily concerned with the human figure and portraiture, exploring the way in which individuals portray their character through facial expression and posture. This interest has developed from her earlier work that dealt mainly with relationships, exploring the ties between family members, together with recollections of childhood and childhood experiences.

Lyn deals with a variety of subjects.  Recent work deals with the subject of sleep, something both personal, intimate and yet universal for all. Other recent work explores the way memories are altered with the passing of time and the subject of re-enactment.  Her re-enactment pieces have particular resonance in the current economic climate because of the way we look to the past for answers to the problems of today.   She has explored these themes by using either distortion or by utilising the juxtaposition of the modern day with re-enactment of the past.

Lyn also enjoys working on different ways of portraying the human figure, producing works which give the subject movement as well as depiction of the nude.  Alongside this she produces smaller figurative studies which aim to capture the subject unawares, whilst at the same time providing a narrative to the setting.

Throughout past years Lyn has continued to produce self-portraits, often as a narrative of her changing self, some of which have a deliberately confrontational pose. Her paintings draw influence from a wide circle of artists, working in various media, but those perhaps exerting the strongest influence on Lyn’s work are Paula Rego, Chuck Close and Frida Kahlo.

Lyn's work has also appeared in books, the most recently published of which is 'How Artists See People'.  In July 2012 Lyn appeared on the BBC2 arts programme 'Show Me The Monet' and was shortlisted for the Anteros Arts Foundation 'East Anglian Artists Development Prize'.